About Me

I have held key leadership positions in some of the world's most respected companies in the automotive, durable equipment, and consumer electronics industries. I believe success is an outcome of a set of experiences built up over time. Given the right experiences as well as effective leadership, individuals, and teams will accomplish goals well beyond what they ever thought possible. I developed Joe's TOP FIVE as a pragmatic and straightforward guide to leadership.


I focus on coaching executives around the globe. I work with a wide range of leaders, from solo entrepreneurs to top company executives. In each case, I use Joe's TOP FIVE process and my personal experiences to instill confidence and inspire growth in every individual.


"What Joe Sullivan did for countless leaders at Logitech, he's now offering executives and rising leaders through his Joe's TOP FIVE coaching program. Joe is helping leaders around the world discover what makes them great, how to maximize their opportunities, and how to discover what's truly possible in their careers. Joe's TOP FIVE process is arguably the most exciting professional development tool to enter the market today. Joe unlocks the mystery of how our values and commitments propel us into careers full of meaning, gratification, and success. If you're committed to accelerating your achievement, let Joe Sullivan help you get there. You'll be glad you did."


best-selling author of The Law of the Garbage Truck and The 3 Promises.

"Joe is the real deal. There are coaches who have studied coaching. And there are coaches who have tons of senior executive experience – who have surmounted just about every challenge you will encounter. Joe is the latter sort of coach."


Executive Coach, Partner Emeritus at California Leadership Center, Inc.